Urban Fantasy


Mark Dreven is hired by the parents of Mindy Collins to look into her disappearance. She is the latest in a rash of child disappearances in the city, and publicly the police have no leads.
Madison Kane also hires Mark to look into Mindy’s disappearance. She doesn’t give a reason why, but her money makes it where Mark can cut his fee for Mindy’s parents, so he doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Dylan Foster is also looking into the missing children. He isn’t sure if they have connections to the occult or if police corruption is playing any part in the cover-ups, but either reason is enough to start digging for the truth.

Dakota North does charity service at various shelters as part of her philanthropic work. Due to her work with the outsiders of society – creature of the night, etc – some of these shelters have some rather interesting characters.
One of them is a ghoul wearing Mindy Collins body, and it’s had a change of heart. It has information on the missing children it wants to exchange for asylum for it and its family from the police. It knows Dakota’s rep, and asks for her help in finding someone it can talk to – someone it can trust.
It’s afraid of the police, but between the two of them, they think they can trust Detective Harry Breaux.

Detective Harry Breaux works in the Special Investigations Division, where they cover the things that go bump in the night. The problem is, Harry knows that the Detective Captain for the Division is dirty, and so are some of the other detectives.
When he gets the call from Dakota, he knows that whatever else he does, he has to meet with this ghoul and see if it can confirm any of his worse beliefs. They decide to meet in neutral territory, Nighthawk’s Diner.



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