Urban Fantasy

Night 1

Tuesday Night

Knighthawk’s Diner

It’s the quietest night of the week. The diner is almost empty, which makes it perfect for a secluded meeting. Only one waitress – Juliana Alvarez – is working.

Detective Harry Breaux gets there well in advance of his meeting with Dakota North and Kruger, in order to check out the place and make sure everything seems safe for the meet. He’s by himself, though he did tell Edmund Nelson where he would be, in case things went south and he needed backup.

Only four other regulars are in the diner. The two that catch Harry’s eye the most are askinhead neo-nazi sitting by himself, muttering while he draws mystical symbols on his napkin; and a large, burly monster of a man with dirty dreadlocks and the smell of eggs about him.

The third person to catch his eye does so not because she looks dangerous, just eye-catching. A small, thin girl who looks all of thirteen sits by herself, college books spread out in front of her. Her pale face sports three different piercings, and her dark hair has streaks of blues, purples and pinks through it.

The last is the most non-descript. A small, thin grey man nursing a cup of coffee and grading papers.

Harry waits until Dakota and Kruger show up. The ghoul mentions that he has some information both on the missing kids and something that will implicate police, and Harry starts to plan out the unofficial ways he might comply with the things demands of asylum and a way out of the city.

Before they arrived, a street rat calls both Mark Dreven and Dylan Foster to let them know that one of their missing kids is walking around with some rich woman. They both head to the diner, Mark calling his wife Jen to let her know where he’s going.

Mark arrives first, gives an eye to Harry who’s sitting with Dakota and Mindy, and sits at the counter. Kruger gets a little nervous at the obvious recognition between Harry and Mark, which only gets worse when Dylan comes walking in and all three seem to know each other.

Harry tries to calm Kruger, and walks over to the counter to talk with Mark and Dylan, both who at this point still think the girl is Mindy, which Harry lets them continue thinking.

While he’s trying to defuse the situation, Detective Ronald Carver and an unknown man in a suit walk in the front door. Carver flashes some papers, the other man flashes an FBI badge, and they claim custody of Mindy. Harry starts blustering that they can’t do that, Kruger decides to bolt for it.

The fake FBI – actually werewolf hitman Moreau – pulls a fully automatic PDW and puts half a magazine center mass in Kruger’s back, the other half spark off the instinctive shield that Mark manages to conjure to protect her.

All hell breaks loose. Doom and Timmy decide that this is an invitation to party, and stand to join the dance. The teacher had left before Carver and Moreau had shown up.

Timmy lights up his hands, and starts flinging fire at the Detective in the fancy suit, Carver. Carver dives behind a table, and starts shooting wildly from behind cover – hitting nothing. Doom rips the table out of the ground, and flings it at Harry, who is being pulled along by Kruger as it tries to run down the back hall. Multiple people shout for Harry to drop, and somehow he manages to pull Kruger down, the table flying past them and through the counter.

Moreau has decided to shapeshift into wolf form, but before he gets a chance to pounce on Harry/Kruger, a chair flung by Cross catches him in the side. Mark also manages to get a shot off around his shield, catching Moreau in the face. Moreau flees through the window.

Juliana gives up on trying getting anyone out of the line of fire, as everyone except for Dakota has engaged in the fight. She crawls over to the fire alarm, and pulls it, activating the sprinklers at the same time. Dakota has called 911 on her phone, and threatened the bored operator on the other side with her name to get some help out there (Carver had called ahead claiming that a training exercise was going on, so that 911 calls would be ignored).

Timmy compresses a large ball of oxygen in the center of his conflagration, causing an explosion knocking everyone back down and spreading the flames even further.

Harry and Kruger get into the hallway; Harry pulls his pistol, orders Kruger to stay there, and heads back into the main room to help out.

Between the running water and flung chairs, Mark’s shield has fallen to Doom. Doom has also taken the time to put his fist through Timmy’s head, killing the skinhead.

Dylan shoots Doom in the knee, which pisses Doom off even more.

Out of things to throw, Cross jumps into the fray, and with a strength belied by her string bean frame, tosses Doom across the room and into the wall. Dakota rushes him, and kicks him squarely in the crotch, dropping him from the fight.

Juliana has grabbed the rune covered baseball bat from behind the counter, and swings at the nearest person. She clocks Mark in the back of the head, dropping him straight into an enchanted unconsciousness.

The police have shown up, Ed and Jen in the lead. Kruger and Cross have both disappeared, as has Moreau who hadn’t been seen since he jumped out the window. Captain Lynch shows up, and gives Harry a hard time. He collects Harry’s badge and pistol.

He tries to get a statement out of Mark, and not liking what he hears, he has Mark brought down to the station, impounding his pistol as well. He tries to give Dylan a hard time, but eventually lets the journalist go with a warning to stay in town, and collecting his pistol for evidence as well.

The rest of them (Juliana, Dakota, Harry and Dylan) decide to head to a close by watering hole to get a beer.

Mark gets to station, having been brought there by Adam – who takes a lot of pleasure in giving Mark hell on the way. As soon as he gets there, he is released. Madison is waiting outside for him. Owen drives them away, as Mark tells Madison what happened.

He also tells Madison about Mindy being dead, and Kruger the ghoul having taken her shape. Madison is disappointed, and closes the case, saying that he’ll be paid tomorrow. They drop him off at the bar where the others are, and he goes inside to join them. His car is waiting for him when they all decide to leave.



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